Upcoming Grade 7&8 Immunization

posted Oct 6, 2015, 5:28 AM by Craig Pinches
Parents / Guardians : Ottawa Public Health will be sending home consent forms with your child for the following vaccine ,Meningococcal & Hepatitis B. ( Nov 3-6 ).

Signed consent forms must be returned with your child to school.

Ottawa Public Health will be holding the first clinic on : 
Fri Nov 13th,2015 in the Learning Commons.

Grade 7: Hepatitis B  ( 1st dose )
This vaccine is NOT publicly funded once your child starts grade 9.

Grade 8 Girls: HPV ( Gardasil )
Optional for grade 8 girls.

Next Clinic is on May 20th, 2016

Grade 7: Hepatitis B (2nd dose) & Meningococcal ( Menactra )
Remember, The Meningococcal ( Menactra ) is now MANDATORY for ALL grade 7 students .

Grade 8 Girls : HPV ( 2nd dose).

For more information about these vaccines, and how to access the School Immunization Catch-Up Clinics, parents /guardians can contact OPH information Line at 613- 580- 6744, or visitottawa.ca/health.