Chaplaincy Department

Our school's current Chaplaincy Leader is Donna Hughes.

From the Chaplain's Desk

Our school community and every student and staff member has gifts for the building up of this 
community. As part of the community, the chaplain works closely with others in the school to assist 
in the general education of students within a spiritual framework. Celebration and service, two key 
elements of the spiritual life, are integral to the life of our Catholic school. The chaplaincy leader, in 
conjunction with students and staff, assists in the animation of these areas. The Chaplain is available to 
both the students and staff to journey with them in their personal and spiritual growth.


The Chapel plays a major role in the life of our school. The chapel is physically situated at the heart of 
the school and is, at the same time, the spiritual centre. The Chapel is the focus of the spiritual character 
of the school and is used for private prayer and class liturgical celebrations. Our Chapel is a warm, 
peaceful refuge where students, staff, and parents are invited to pray, reflect, and rejoice.


Our Catholic schools have a fundamental right to support and enhance the Catholic faith throughout the entire school community by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our school will provide opportunities for staff and students to live, learn, love, and grow in their faith in Jesus Christ. The school will promote and integrate the distinctive nature of Catholic education in curricular, extracurricular and educational experiences

Board Spiritual Theme

Parish Links

Our school community is served by the following parishes. Click on the links to visit the parish websites.

2414 Ogilvie Road
Ottawa (Gloucester), Ontario
K1J 7N5

Good Shepherd Parish
3092 Innes Road
Ottawa (Gloucester), Ontario
K1W 1C8

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Parish

320 Olmstead Ave.

Ottawa (Vanier), Ontario

K1L 7K3


St. Ignatius Parish

515 Donald Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1K 1L7

Paroisse Saint-Gabriel

55 rue Appleford

Ottawa, Ontario

K1J 6T6